Unreachably Near

We are on two different planets,
circling a different star,
in different galaxies,
and different universes, by far.

And yet there is this powerful attraction,
a negative subtraction,
a major distraction,
that puts us, somehow, on par.

Our thoughts are in different places,
we toil in different traces,
between us open spaces,
and yet we come to play.

I see your silhouette from afar.
My heart jumps and comes ajar.
You smile and your lip is a lyre.
You know my loins are on fire.

You speak softly to my rough,
your mind is afloat while mine is tough.
My muscles taut while yours are soft.
You skim the surface while I’m aloft.

I sink into your softness like a liar.
Denying that my heart's on fire.
You know I'm lying but draw me in,
we feel the danger like mortal sin.

We touch and I feel your heat.
Your smooth sweetness and the beat,
of your heart next to mine,
beating hard in double time.

It is not love that we are in,
opposites attract and it's not sin.
It's just nature improving the race,
a stronger child from the chase.

And so I seek a different star,
a soul mate, not near, but oh... so far.
So we can commit the ultimate sin,
a child of a tribe far from the one I'm in.
Galaxies coalese and opposites attract.

Photo Courtesy Hubble Telescope, NASA


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