Unemployment (Satire)

All the president's horses,
and all the congressmen.

Couldn't solve unemployment,
fighting like a territorial hen.

It seems the jobs had left,
flown off in great flocks.

To faraway places like China,
and other communist blocks.

Pumping money didn't work,
too many leaks in the pipe.
Rich entitled stonewalled,
claiming free market hype.

After all, for progress,
the creme must rise to the top.

Must have genetically,
engineered that cow,
for creme is all we've got.

There was a simple solution,
two guys in Ohio found.

Place an ad in Craigslist,
and applicants will abound.

After a careful screening,
select the ones to cull.

Show them around the woods,
and turn their vote to null.

The result, was quite profound,
for all the poor unemployed to see.

Unemployment dropped considerably,
this month, to politicians' glee.

Lowest unemployment in two years - 8.6%

Unorthodox, but effective, solution


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