On the path to anonymous,
the uncounted go their way.
Live each day in their routine,
not counting as they play.

For them this life is follow,
to do what others say.
Afraid they will not "fit in,"
unless they join in and pray.

That they have done the "right thing,"
by their friends and family.
That they have guarded tradition,
and maintained the powers that sway.

They go through life in passages,
obeying every required and prescribed link.

Catechism/Confirmation/Bat Mitzvah
Holidays (Holy Days)
Keeping up with the Joneses
The American Dream (A New Home)
Public Service/Charities/Volunteering
Chasing the Dream/Losing/Failure
Job Loss/Bankruptcy/Foreclosure

As if on a mindless treadmill,
touching every goal post,
and not even having to think.

Powerless to make any difference,
just one more cog in the wheel.
Consuming and babymaking along the way,
going through motions without feel.

There's always been power in numbers,
and the uncounted play their part.
Whether it be fodder for the war machine,
or their unwavering support of clout.

There is no use in complaining,
if you are among the uncounted masses,
it's time to start thinking realistically,
and get up off your asses.

Tax cuts for the rich

The uncounted have no lifeboats
as they float through their lives.

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