The Turn of the Shrew

With the turn of the shrew,
old becomes new,
and the world sees a better time.

So get your shrew driver,
your just-in-time arriver,
and start righting some rhyme.

When dinosaurs came due,
it was the lowly shrew,
that lived for years underground.

Jump started the pace,
of the mammalian race,
and our time to come around.

But time has its sway,
and there comes a day,
when the world turns on its axis.

Events come into play,
when the old has seen its day,
that were meant to tax us.

But rhyme is not enough,
when times get tough,
and the shrew warns of our fate.

Are we the right stuff,
do we have enough,
to put aside our hate?

Before it is too late,
and the turn of the shrew,
comes around again.

Dead Shrew  

Dead Shrew  Photo Courtesy 

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