Turnkey Life

We all want a turnkey life,
wrapped up nicely,
and free from strife.

Where everything is done,
so neatly and clean,
thinking you'd have won.

A lottery, a perfect life of fun,
with no effort on your part,
constantly on the treadmill run.

Some find it in religion,
where everything is solved,
by simply believing--resolved.

Some find it in addiction,
some in escaping addiction,
others in strong conviction.

That they are right,
and others are wrong,
for which they will fight.

For compromise is hard to do,
when a turnkey life,
is what you subscribe to.

We all want safety, security too,
but take away the safety net,
and we are cast into the blue.

So get out your bucket,
and try out things new,
it's high time to chuck it.

And let serendipity rise,
turn that key outward,
you're in for a surprise.

Symbolic Turnkey

Symbolic Turnkey © TurnKeyRentals.net

We all have the danger of thinking safely and
falling into a turnkey life. Allowing for a
little breaking out sometimes can give us a
whole new perspective.

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