Turnkey Day

I didn't have a turnkey day,
the turkey exploded on the way.

It must've been the stuffing,
had too much natural gas.

For when it blew up,
put me on my ass.

My guests were coming soon,
my mind was in disarray.

I had little to be thankful for,
on this Thanksgiving Day.

I asked Siri for some help,
and she answered right away.

Put me online with cleanup crews,
and they were on the way.

As for turkey with all the trimmings,
she got me that at a discount, too.

She threw in some T-day decorations,
and a complete Xmas display.

Everything arrived like clockwork,
my guests never had a clue.

They all remarked how nice it was,
even the Christmas trimmings, too.

Everyone left tipsy and happy as could be,
another turkey day over leaving just me.

If it hadn't been for turnkey services,
my day would've been a mess.

But thanks to turnkey services,
I made it over that awful hill.

No shopping frantically for Christmas,
Black Friday brought the turnkey bill!!!

Old Key_B by Denys Almaral at TurboSquid.com

Old Key_B by Denys Almaral
at TurboSquid.com

The rumors that I expired are not true. 
I didn’t get notice and lost my website
and email on November 1. 
Instead of renewing, I opted to move
my domain from Australia to my
website host here.  A comedy of errors
followed with over 10 hours of phone calls,
16 emails, and the site and email are
still down.  May have to just renew.

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