It came silently,
like a premonition,
without warning.

It came without direction,
no north, south, east, or west,
in its forming.

You never saw it coming,
for all was calm.
The slight recession,
was like a balm.

If the tides are high,
or the tides are low,
it makes no difference.

For the future is a mystery,
and cannot be predicted,
by simple inference.

All you know,
is that you are underwater,
and all your hard work,
didn't matter.

All your dreams and schemes,
all your wishes and hopes,
are about to shatter.

The only thing you have left,
is mere survival.
Are you ready,
for its arrival?

I think not.
And harsh reality,
is about to give you a shock.

Knock, knock.

It's at your door.
Don't you remember?
It's been there before.

It's always there,
waiting in the wings.
Life's ups and downs,
from nature's and man's flings.

So better prepare,
for your own little tsunami.
Life's too short,
and isn't Miami.

Dust Tsunami

Dust Tsunami


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