Trimming Trees

Fall is in the air,
and in the slant of the Sun.
The time for trimming,
has begun.

Time for cutting back,
the excess of youth.
Time for cutting back,
and facing the truth.

To overshoot everything,
is a general rule.
It happens to everyone,
not just the fool.

For if you don't cut back,
before winter comes.
The consequence of inaction,
the blind mind numbs.

A little snip here,
a little snip there.
Before you know it,
you've got more to share.

For the pie is finite,
and you can't cut it close.
If your share is too large,
you will overdose.

So trim while you can,
before it's too late.
Or it will be trimmed for you,
at the pearly gate.

Oogli Tree  -- Donna Barstow

A badly trimmed tree

(c) Donna Barstow


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