In a spider web,
All white and neat. 
Decaying ever so slightly,
Ready to eat. 

In a strait jacket,
Of my own design. 
It keeps out intruders,
While I piss and whine. 

In a relationship,
Convoluted and deep. 
It's crushing me to death,
But I still want to keep. 

In a great debt,
I can never repay. 
Thinking that material things,
Are life's only way. 

In this body,
I've neglected too long. 
Saying, "Soon I will do it,"
Until misery came along.

In a life of misery,
That doesn’t fit my skin,
An endless night of days,
Until I cash in.

Houdini in a strait jacket

Houdini escaped his strait jacket into immortality.

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull



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