We have a herd mentality,

That is innate in us.

We love to follow our fellow man,

In our leaders we trust.


Our pathways and halls far and wide.

Untraveled, have an empty ring.

But let there be a big event,

And a crushing crowd they'll bring


The way we travel,

And occupy space,

As we navigate highways and byways,

Is as varied as the human race. 


Some are early.

Some are late.

Some are arrogant.

Some are great.


Some know the rules of order,

And are polite.

Some know little of the rules,

And just want to fight. 


Rush hour brings them all out.

Man and the machine.

Vying for a position.      

In the traffic stream.


Two objects cannot occupy, 

The same space at the same time.

An immutable law of physics,

Like stopping on a dime.


It isn't speed that kills;

Just the sudden stop.

So how can you run with lemmings,

Without doing the bunny hop?


I don't know.


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull




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