Too Many Choices


Are you bored, with nothing to do?

Or, are too many choices haunting you?

Do you lie awake in bed, thousands of choices in your head?

Or do you just lie there, near brain dead?


We are the choices we make.

We become the choices we take.


Our ancestors had no choice in life.

Their lives were as predictable as the seasons, filled with suffering and strife.

And their plight?

They faced just one choice:  survival, every night.

They spent their lives and spent their days.

And few had the choice to change their ways.


Now, we all have so much choice

Our lives are like a roll of dice.

Who do I want to be today?


Unwise choices will take our choice away.

Leaving us a bit wiser, with,

Survival, lurking just around the corner.


Simplify or die.


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull




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