Yesterday's gone,
so we seize today.
Live in the moment,
before going away.

There is no heaven,
no hell to burn.
Only the moment,
from which to learn.

Uniquely prepared,
to learn from the past.
We can capture it,
and make it last.

The past teaches us,
how to live today.
It also teaches us,
how to find our way.

The question is simple.
And it is profound.
How long will humans,
want to be around?

You may wish for heaven.
You may wish for fame.
You may wish for fortune.
As you play the game.

But our wish for the children,
should all be the same.
That their lives be better,
than our lives have been.

Do you want them to suffer,
famine, pestilence, and war?
Do you want them to struggle,
morality, madness, and more?

As we rapidly burn up,
our legacy's core,
and species vanish,
like never before.

Are we too smug to realize?
Too self-assure?
To read the signs clearly,
and just ignore.

It's so much easier,
to trust in a Lord.
Continue in ignorance,
and let the world go overboard.

Tomorrow will come,
there's no doubting that.
What tomorrow will be,
is drawn from our hat.

I am optimistic,
that we will conquer our fear.
Leave the Earth behind--better.
But not next year.

Imagine a fundamental difference,
in the way we think.
No more, "them" and "us"
and other fatalistic link.

Imagine working together,
to make the future bright.
Giving all of life's species homeless,
a place where they can light.

It means we must give up,
our fruitful, multiplying ways.
Growth is its own disaster,
growth has seen its better days.

I raise my cup to tomorrow,
and all the wonders it will bring.
for its image is in my mind today,
and all we have to do is sing:

by John Lennon
Sunrise over water -- NOAA

Sunrise Over Water
Photo by NOAA


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