She could not sleep.
He could not sleep.
They would not let them, but,
they wanted to be... together.

When will they learn?
That we all yearn,
for the same things,
the whole world over.

Black, red, yellow or white,
we are together in the fight.
There is no them or us.
only problems when we fuss.

A dream that all the little children,
ebony and ivory side-by-side,
imagine all the people,
living life in peace and pride.

No countries and no boundaries,
no ideologies to die for.
No religions restricting us.
freedom, but no greed anymore.

She could not sleep.
He could not sleep.
Until they were together.

There is no power,
on this green earth,
that can keep them apart.

Opening up our hearts to them,
is the only way to start.

Forget the Old-Embrace the New

Image © Rutgers University

Just like parents who prevent young people
from being together, those who do not allow
open exchange of love and ideas between
people hold the world back from the ideal
expressed by visionaries like Martin Luther
King, John Lennon and Michael Jackson.

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