The Toad and the Geek 


"Help!" Cried the Toad,

"Out of this swamp, I seek."

"Tis easy, I know this terrain,

Like the back of my hand," replied the Geek. 


"First, you flap your wings and fly,

Like my fingers cross this keyboard so sly.

From up there it will be easy to see,

Just what you seek," quipped the Geek.


"But I have no wings, just these legs to hop.

There's water all around me, and I'll get drowned."

The Toad was now pleading,

Looking for any dry place around.


"Just jump in the water, you silly frog,

The current will carry you, out of the bog."

The Geek was so proud of his simple solution,

He laughed to himself at the Toad's dumb situation.


"But, I have no flippers on my feet,

I can hop all I want, but can't swim a beat."

The Toad was so frustrated with the Geek's preoccupation,

That he failed to hear the splash of the dog's feet.


"See, I told you.  You're equipment's no good.

With no wings or flippers, you are just a stupid toad."

The Geek did not see the dog on target 'til too late,

When the dog scooped up the Toad and headed for the road.


"I told him so," the Geek confided to no one at all,

As he watched the dog carry the toad off the screen.

He resumed his search for the Princess, as yet, unseen.

The dog reached the water's edge to gag his catch up.


It was dark now, and the Geek struggled to find his way out.

He flailed on his keyboard and tried to hack,

But he couldn't get back,

From this digital morass--he didn't have the pass.


Disoriented, he began to doubt, then he began to shout,

"Hey, Toad, could you help a fella out?"

The Toad had no ears for clicking keys, no MP3s

And hopped off into the woods in silence.


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull




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