Tis the Season

"Tis the season without reason,"
said the leopard to the frog.

"I am lounging in this tree,
and you are sitting on that log."

"Some guy in China wants my penis,
so he can be a man."

"Produce more children in his name,
as part of some personal glorious plan."

"My brotheren they were many,"
quoth the frog from his perch.

"Of glorious spotted hue, fading fast
in the wearied eyes of search.

"Soon, the only leopards will be in cages,
and all of us remaining frogs in the zoo.”

And so they waited, nothing they could do.
No need for spots in the monsoon.

Tis the season without reason,
coming to your home soon.

Stay tuned...

Leopard Frog

Leopard Frog Courtesy
National Park Service

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