Time Went

Time went and did it again,
ran out on me like,
I don't know when.

Like I don't know when,
I'll have that time again.

Time is a river,
that flows by my door,
my time lapse camera,
is keeping its score.

I see time fly by,
when I speed up the scenes,
until it becomes a blur,
like some of my dreams.

In the fullness of time,
bursting at the seams,
memories like time travel,
ride on moonbeams.

So time went and wasted,
most of my youth.
Time is a thief,
if you want to know the truth.

While time rolls on,
like an old wagon wheel,
dishing out roulette promises,
as part of its deal.

Have just enough time,
to finish this piece.
Without just enough time,
I'd have no peace.

For time waits for no one,
and certainly not for me.

That time I lost yesterday?
It's up, went, and gone.
so I'll have to start over,
come the dawn.

It's up, went, and start over,
come the dawn

DIY Butterfly Clock

Woke up this morning and found that
time had left me behind…again.

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