Time Warp

Somewhere between then and now,
the fabric of space weaves and warps.

A vision of the universe unfolds,
with the sound of a thousand harps.

Space bends in the awesome power of gravity,
warping around red giants and black holes.

It has its many hills and valleys,
steep cliffs and even gentle knolls.

But who knows where space goes,
on its winding warping, merry way.

Bending time and warping rhyme,
getting stranger and stranger every day.

Using the warp drive to cut across,
the many folds of distant time.

Looking into the ageless looking glass,
of the center of the universe's original climb.

Out of nothingness into the dark, dark night,
of billions and billions of speeding points of light.

What wonders still lie in time and space,
only time will tell, if given the guiding grace,

To overcome our fears and travel beyond,
our own fear warped minds to seek and find.

The secrets of time and its dimensions told,
new under its suns, but still, so very old.

Only time, hard work and good fortune will tell.
Everything else is just warped speculation, like hell.

Hubble Image 10/20/15

Hubble Image 10/20/15 Courtesy NASA

According to Einstein, gravity warps the fabric of space. Science
fiction writers believe that if space wraps around there might be shortcuts
to the more distant parts of the universe, creating something they call, "warp drive."
A very unlikely concept that solves many problems of space and time simplistically.
Warp drive is probably similar to Jules Verne's firing a bullet with people in it to the
moon--impossible--with deadly results.

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