Time Tumbling

As I came tumbling down through time,
I spotted a sidewalk lonely dime.
Picked it up and invested in rhyme,
and gained a dollar for my prime.

The dollar burned a hole in my pocket,
invested it in a private rocket,
bought for me a new, hipper socket,
a diamond necklace with a locket.

Gave that necklace to my girl,
in turn she gave me quite a whirl.
While on the dance floor in a twirl,
sent me down like in a swirl.

When I woke up I was broke,
couldn't tell me from a tavern bloke.
Was time tumbling some kind of joke?
Was I in a dream and never woke?

She picked me up from the gutter.
Not one word did she utter.
The angel spread my dread like butter.
I was so scared I could but stutter.

Off to her mansion I was carried.
Time tumbled on and I never tarried.
My life alone was somewhat harried.
From sword to sword I always parried.

When time came to the point of my dread,
and she was on my last words said.
She came to the side of my bed,
and time tumbled out of my head.

Frost on a Lonely Cabin

Limp Clocks Courtesy Salvador Dali


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