Time Has Come
 The time has come, my little belle,
 to set you free, free from hell.
 To set you free from the ties that bind,
 to set you free from the fears you find.
 In every dark day that comes your way,
 in every dark thought that holds you sway.
 The time has come to break free,
 spread your wings and fly with me.
 To worlds and places yet unknown,
 to worlds and places you make your own.
 Just open your heart and open your mind,
 to the possibilities that you find.
 The time has come to sail with me,
 on a sea of life so wild and free.
 That fear and pain are forever banished,
 to the dark places where they dwell.
 While you and I soar with the stars,
 our minds free of tormenting hell.
 The time has come, are you ready?
 Here, take my hand, I'll hold you steady.



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Copyright 2009 © Ronald W. Hull