Time Gone

So it goes, and nobody really knows,
ticking, trickling, frittering away.
ever wonder where the time's gone?
and why it's not here to stay?

Seemed to have a lot of time,
when I was young, to play,
had lots of time for fun, still,
with so much done every day.

And then, I got to working much more,
eighty hours or more a week... Still, somehow,
with lots of time to travel and explore.

Retiring was expected to give me time,
to relax and write, learn and relate,
with others without an appointment date.

But something insidious is at work,
time wasters are there in the lurk,
I know what they're doing, luring,
but my work ethic just won't shirk.

So I deal with each and every one.
Surveys, inquiries, requests for cash,
the compliance requirements, empty cache,
brought on by safety and security balderdash.

Incessant commercials suck up,
and break up, entertainment time.
As though I would buy from them,
spending my last precious dime.

Health requirements keep growing,
with ever carnivorous advancing age.
Constant reminders of required medications,
appointments becoming the rage.

I still put in a long working day.
And find that I have little output,
to show for my nonexistent pay.

So if you're wondering,
where the time goes?
Down the black hole of Facebook,
that I haven't even joined yet.

And the greatest time waster of all,
the cell phone disaster just waiting for,
you, when you're driving, to call.

I don't own one of those either...
So, where did that time go?

DIY Butterfly Clock

DIY Butterfly Clock

While successfully avoiding some of the biggest time wasters,
social clubs, sports, gambling and card games. As well as the
aforementioned social networks and cell phone texting and
sexing, I'm still finding that my time for real writing
shrinks after I try to attend to daily maintenance duties.

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