Where Does Time Go?

Did I just see Father Time fly by?
On this freeway called life.
Or was it just a fleck of dusty inner eye,
In my stressed-out strife.

Used to think I could do it all,
Things were simpler then.
Spent my time in travel,
From who knows where to when.

Climbed the ladder of success,
Won some and lost a few.
Gathered obligation on the way,
Trying to make old into new.

Tried to right the wrongs,
I found along the way.
Couldn’t fix them all,
Waiting on another day.

Now the year is waning,
Another’s ‘round the bend.
I didn’t see it coming,
I didn’t see it end.

No sense in hurrying,
It’ll all get done.
Watching from our vantage point.
Riding ‘round the sun.

When we are immortal,
We’ll ride with wisdom found.
And travel when and where we want.
‘Til the universe winds down.

Where Stars Form by W.K. Hartmann

Painting of Where Stars Form by W.K. Hartmann

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull



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