Time Bandit

Oh, where does the time go?
I had it just a moment ago,
but it slipped through my fingers,
when it was going so slow.

I may have left it there,
in that drawer of old watches,
all wound down in due time.

I may have left it,
down by the river,
when fishing in my prime.

I may have left it,
between the snatches,
of multitasking mime.

Wherever it is, it's gone,
in that ever winding grind,
in the devilish details line.

That never ends or bends,
until we reach the end,
of our allotted mind.

The time bandit rules,
and steals from the fools,
wasting days and nights.

Am I one of those?
Because of my woes,
losing so many fights?

We'll never know,
it's gone with the go,
as the starting gun fires.

So I'll race to the line,
and make it just in time.

‘Cause my heart reels,
when the Time Bandit steals,
and I have run out of rhyme.

Limp clocks by Salvadore Dali

Limp Clocks by Salvadore Dali


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