The Tides of Our Lives

The tides of our lives ebb and flow. 
The sea is our source and so we must go. 
To watch the waves and the gentle tide. 
Roll into the sunny shore by the seaside. 

The source of our lives is the place between,
The deep water reefs and the grasses green. 
The estuary of waters half wet, half dry,
An incubator from which all creatures vie. 

But nature evolves at its own pace. 
Knows not of the troubles of the human race. 
Cataclysm is but a heartbeat away. 
Eons of calm into violence will sway.

Life is fraught with pain and strife,
No one can escape it--for such is life. 
How we face challenge is what matters, my friend
It's how life is lived--a new beginning, not an end.

The calm waters of a tropical beach.


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Copyright 2005 © Ronald W. Hull


Waves batter south shore of Cosumel