This One Was Late


This one was late.

It never got out of the starting gate.

I started early and didn't procrastinate,

But it was still late.


It's not my fault, you see.

I did everything the way it was supposed to be.

There was no conspiracy,

Just this damn technology. 


Got up early, and wrote it well.

You'd think everything was going swell.

When I tried to connect to the Server,

Got, "Can't Connect, Try Again Later."


So I tried and tried, to my disgust,

And got nothing but static,

Caused by corrosion or rust.

In technology we trust. 


Called up the phone company to correct,

Trying to avoid delay.

A polite woman answered, apologized, and said,

"Not until Monday." 


So this one is late.

And it doesn't matter,

'Cuz I mixed the bread,

But couldn't bake the batter.


Who gives a ..., anyway?


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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