This Life

You can't take it with you,
so spend it while you can.
Sunrise from the mountaintop,
bare feet on seashore sand.

Learn all you can from masters,
who wrote it down before.
There's no use in reinventing,
no one's keeping score.

Take time for your elders,
for they have gone afar.
Their lives so rich with history,
in them you can explore.

Let not others rule your life,
for you must go alone.
The companionship you truly need,
is when you're on your own.

Take with you only what you need,
the rest will drag you down.
Nothing more worthless in this life,
than a materialistic clown.

Save a third of all you make,
live only on the rest.
Live out your golden years,
free from life's great test.

Leave not your footprint on the land,
give back more than you take.
This Earth is not for you to plunder,
but for your children's children's sake.

Luck is what you make of it,
and not a roll of dice.
For if your faith is only in fate,
then you will pay the price.

Life is for the living,
and you must live it well.
With only one life to live,
make it heaven, not your hell.

Arriving to begin engineering studies - 1966

1966 - About to Experience
a Master's Degree in Engineering
and the Summer of Love


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Inspired by Susan K. de Vegter