Third Grade Dreams

Third-graders dream,
and they dream big.
The world is open before them,
like a flower or a fig.

There is no fear,
in their bright eyes.
Their hopes are tremendous,
as they reach for the skies.

Oh, there's reading, writing,
and math to do.
But their thoughts drift off,
so innocent and true.

To the world they will inherit,
when they reach their dream.
A cleaner, brighter time,
than it would seem.

With all the bad news,
in the world today,
what third graders look to,
will rule the future's sway.

For nothing can prevent,
the fulfillment of a dream.
If a youngster works hard,
and rides a moon beam.

To places unknown,
to older folks,
with dreams long dashed.
Always thinking forward,
and not of the past.

So go on and pursue,
your dreams, Third Grade.
For even if you don't make it,
to what you have schemed,
the world will be a better place,
because you chased your dream.

1978 photograph by Steven Steigman

Jessica Rayne Tijam winning
first place in LA Lights
rhythmic competition -- January 2013

This poem is for Jessica and her
third grade class in San Diego.
Jessica read my poem, "Go
for the Gold,”
to her class last
Friday. They asked for a poem..

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