The Worm Turns

As the worm turns so does the world.
Fearless freedom fight with flag unfurled.
While tyrants go down to dust,
with clinched fist foisted and still curled.

The throbbing throng floods the streets,
demanding rights that wrongs defeat.
Demanding rights that should be given,
while from the streets by tanks they’re driven.

Will injustice always prevail?
Will the weak cry to no avail?
Will the unjust rant and rail?
Will there be no end to this tale?

But the sky is opening across the land,
Tweaking and Twittering is in every hand.
As YouTube reveals feet in the sand,
people are gathering in a unified band.

Freedom is coming and can't be stopped.
By little devices that no one ever thought,
would free the meek with justice for all,
and give them a voice no longer so small.

As the world embraces this changing game,
we instantly know, who is to blame.
The worm is turning too fast to behold,
in with the new and out with the old.


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