The Water's Risen

The water's risen and we gotta get high,

On booze or somethin cuz we're all gunna die.

Man weren't meant to live with the fishes,

But the way this water's comin is the worst of wishes. 

We prayed for water in the past years' drought.

Now, we are faced with a relentless onslaught.

The water's risen, there ain't no doubt,

By year's end, we all gotta git out. 

And leave this bayou home so fair,

Acadian ancestors found for us there. 

Amid the tall cypress on winding knee,

Amid the endless swamps for you'll ta see.

To wander, not to squander, and enjoy the simple life.

To watch the sun rise and set from a whitlin knife.

But no, we had to grow, to drain and pave over.

Pollute the sky, and make a weed of clover.

Now the water's risen, so we'll head for higher ground.

We'll leave our home forever and bayous won't be found.

Ever again.



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