The Times, They are a Changin'

Jayson Blair, young man with flair,
Became a star reporter. 

He tried his best, like the rest,
But couldn't keep up the pace. 

With deadlines to keep and people to meet. 
Every day became a race. 

Drugs and booze were what he used,
To help him to produce. 

Relentless pressure day and night,
Made him give up the goose. 

He made up stories left and right,
After all, what's the use?

His errors were caught, but overlooked,
Because he had some juice. 

When Blair was found out, a mighty shout. 
Was heard across the land. 

For the Times, red faced one and all,
Changin' was at hand. 

Two senior editors heads would roll,
And Jayson would be banned. 

To get a $125,000 advance,
To write his story to the land. 

The Times, they are a changing. 
When plagiarism, widely ranging, 

Gets a post at Esquire, not panned. 
The nation's premier newspaper must change its ways.

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull


My apologies to Bob Dylan for plagiarizing his title.


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