The Road

I’ve traveled down the road to yesterday,
and thought I'd found my way.

But childhood dreams and other things,
always came into play.

When childhood's lost, there is a cost,
that’s always greater than you pay.

So that's why I'm on the road I'm on today.
It's full of bumps and curves, and so steep,
I can barely make the grade.

But it's the road that I chose now,
and it's the road I've made.

I've mapped the road ahead with care,
plotted every fork and curve to nowhere.

And nowhere is a place not to be,
for up ahead, as far as I can see.

The road looks smooth and straight,
with an uphill trend, no curve or bend.

But then, always prepared, I'll keep my eyes out,
for that sudden trend, prepared to dodge and fend.

Off any obstacle in my way,
until the bitter end... of the road.

Desert Road from Wikapedia

Desert Road, Wikapedia


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