The Mind

The mind is a river of ever flowing thoughts,
it crosses as many do nots as oughts.

And ideas, the mind has, a plenty,
certainly when it comes to making money.

There is no "heart" in the heart, only mind,
but for some, rest assured, it's in the behind.

For the heart is a necessary pump,
providing oxygen to the mindful  rump.

There is no "soul" in the body--only mind,
and when the spark of life is gone,
no soul is ever left behind to find.

The mind spends its idle time,
sorting out its input streams,
the sorting becomes most vivid,
when encountering dreams.

So many put their minds to waste,
in trivial pursuits, or in their haste,
for easy solutions to complex thoughts,
following others' ideas to their taste.

The mind can solve complex tasks,
to questions that nearly no one asks.

The mind can be molded to certain beliefs,
by deviant people with thoughts of thieves.

The mind is "a terrible thing to waste."
It must be exercised and not remain chaste.

For ignorance is the unused mind,
where so many are left behind.

We have only so much time left to think,
so use your mind now because it's gone in a blink

Ultimate Time Waster

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Neuropsychologists have learned that
we don’t use all of our mental capability.

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