You came to me when I was down,
nowhere to turn to and no way around.
Somehow you understood what I had to say,
and helped me continue on my way.


I'm thankful for the things you do,
I am thankful just because you're you.

So many times you've come to my aid,
helped fulfill the plans I've made.
Helped fulfill the plans I've laid,
my life, no longer, is delayed.


I love you though it's hard to say,
for I slow you down and get in your way.
I'd set you free, if I only could.
You could be free, if you only would.


But you are in me, like I am in you,
we are together forever, forever new.
I know that you will stay to the bitter end,
when you'll be free, free to mend.


Beh in the Big Tree<br>
Rockport, Texas

Beh in the Big Tree
Rockport, Texas


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