The Test of Life 


Life is a test,

And it's 'pass' or 'fail'

If you can't see the signs

You must read Braille.


Life has its cycles,

Every which way it turns.

Sometimes it gets too close to the fire,

And something burns.


If you do everything right,

And try your best.

There's no guarantee,

You'll pass the next test.


Some seem destined,

To learn the hard way.

Others seem lucky,

To slip the by way. 


Just when you think,

You've passed the last test.

A big bird flies over,

And sullies your nest. 


Just when you've finally,

Dug yourself out of the poop.

The bird gets you,

With one fell swoop.


Let's face it,

Life's a bitch.

So pass all the tests,

And scratch when you itch.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull




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