Survival of the fittest,
is the law of the land.
You'd think that surviving,
would be something grand.

One lower-priced-size-fits-all,
is what some would demand.
But the power is in diversity,
with uniqueness close at hand.

From single celled bacteria,
all life on earth has formed.
With complexity and variety,
each creature makes its stand.

The resulting richness created,
with color, contrast, and norms.
Creating ecosystem tapestries,
from plants to higher life forms.

Each life form has its niche,
where it survives the best.
That niche is very precious,
a place where struggling can rest.

But humans think that we are smarter,
with all our manifest destiny claims.
Our vanity and cunning resourcefulness,
from mountaintop to verdant plains.

To grow our life form profusely,
and spread it across the world.
Claiming others' niche after niche,
with religious eminent domain.

To think that we are superior,
to rule over sea and land,
is the fatal flaw of humankind,
as we fight to take command.

To profit from the richness,
plunder from the least,
man is a greedy user,
Earth's most vicious beast.

Constantly growing his territory,
for selfish monetary gain.
Without regard for diversity,
wanting monoculture plain.

Claiming territory beyond his reach,
with disregard and disdain.
The earth can heal itself,
but humankind may not remain.

When greed and ignorance win the day,
and the only way is, "my way."
The loss of diversity and richness,
will come to roost for its own pay.

Childhood's end is coming,
when greed and growth are banned.
And every creature will have its place,
in a rich and glorious land.

Rise  of Man?

Cartoon from BitRebels.com

For those that think that we should,
"have dominion over all creatures,"
and that we have, "inherited the earth,"
for our own personal profit to benefit
from raping the landscape for meaningless
riches, the time is quickly coming to a
place where this kind of territorial
imperative will have to come to an end or
we will come to an end as well.

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