Technical Difficulties

Beautiful computer, so perfectly free.
You just ain't what you used to be.
Your useful life, now cut to three.

Change is for change's sake,
and sometimes, for the sake of change.
The same old features--just rearranged.

So you want to get wired,
and get high on the Net?

Well your mind's going to perspire,
and your palms' going to sweat.

Learning languages so foreign and cruel,
esoteric acronyms that make geeks drool.

The computer's so stupid it can't understand,
you spelled wrong and brought down the band.

But Google can, and it's become the rule.
Google me now, but don't spell the fool.

The answer my friend is never in the FAQs,
the chat line is quirky and sometimes reacts.
Emailing is iffy for the feedback it lacks.
Technical support from accented quacks.

The manual is the last place to look,
they never have that problem in the book.

Through trial and error and the pulling of hair,
the two of you click, and suddenly, you're there.

A natural symbiosis of mind and machine.
Now life's so easy it's like a dream.

So don't wake me up with upgrades and alerts.
I'll keep living the dream until disaster flirts. support options

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