A Taxing Time

It is a taxing time,
for waxing and waning.
The bottom is falling out,
and the tears are raining.

Corporate CEO’s are lined up,
and handled with anger.
Not one honest man,
has been found there.

Everyone complains,
that there is no work--none.
Yet everywhere one looks,
there is work to be done.

In less than a century,
we lost touch with our Earth.
We now rather give her money,
than cultivate her worth.

We grow our food,
in a supermarket aisle.
To help our neighbor,
we won't walk a mile.

When we do walk,
we are on the phone.
No time to say, " Hello,"
passing those all alone.

When all is lost,
even ones' self worth.
It is time to dig deep,
and find a new birth.

The artist who died,
amid his paintings of great worth.
Died not of hardship,
but of his contribution to Earth.

The time is taxing,
but don't die alone.
Leave something for others,
that's not your own

US Economy, 1964-2006

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