Taxing Situation


It is that time of year again

When I'm beside myself. 


When faced with the formidable task ahead,

I’m smaller than an elf. 


“Tax cut, tax cut," was his rallying cry,

But as I face the task ahead,

I could curl up and die. 


The Paperwork Reduction Act,

Was supposed to make better. 


But every other line-item,

Asks to complete another form or letter. 


By the time I'm done, I've cut a forest of trees,

Enough to give a paper pusher a life of ease. 


There are tax advisers everywhere,

Who claim they know the score. 


They'll do your taxes quick and neat,

But it'll cost you more. 


And when the tax auditor comes to check,

They'll disappear for sure. 


I tried to call the IRS, but they were hard to reach,

Just told me to call again, or "leave a number at the beep."


I got on line with CPAs who charged by the minute,

I got online with Turbotax and found that I was in it. 


A mass of taxes so wide and deep,

That I’ll spend my nights losing sleep. 


Until, when April 15th rolls around,

I’ll grab my credit card and lay my money down. 


So that I can relax and clear my head,

Not looking forward to that awful grind. 


When tax time comes around again.


Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull




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