Let me bring your attention,
to a taxing situation.

A creeping malaise,
sapping the nation.

Laws within laws,
is the modus operation.

Looping loopholes,
with monetary persuasion.

Oh, they will tell you,
that it's the American way.

While the rich get richer,
and poor, poorer every day.

A charitable donation,
to a politician's chest.

And he is your man,
and you know the rest.

There's a lot of talk about,
simplifying taxes.

But changing the law,
is like turning the world on its axis.

For a little bribery has gone a long way,
and the tax laws are full of "giveaway."

Oh, they will claim,
it's the poor folks' blame.

But a closer good look,
puts corporations on the hook.

In more ways than one,
under the sun.

The Danger of Tax Loopholes

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