The tallgrass bends,
in the wayward wind.
As westerlies bring in,
the storms again.

Her tassels on high,
and her roots in deep.
Bends with the changes,
this soil for to keep.

For the tornado rages,
cross this lonely plain,
and the storm water rises,
washing life away again.

The wildfires come quickly,
and burn her stalks down,
but she rebounds springlike,
and greens what was brown.

The buffalo trample her,
and mow her to the ground.
They cultivate and fertilize,
so her harvest is crowned.

Feeding the bird flocks,
and rodents and more,
giving life to the prairie,
too abundant to score.

Perennial as the seasons,
the tallgrass grows,
hides in the winter,
in the summer she shows.

A cycle of life,
as old as the plains,
as common as grass,
and sure as the rains.

Come from the northwest,
after the heat of the day,
the tallgrass will bend,
and the tallgrass will sway.

In perpetual rhythm,
the wild prairie way.

The tallgrassprairie blooms

Image courtesy ProQuest

The tallgrass can grow eight feet tall and
send roots down six feet.  Tallgrass ecology
supports a great variety of flowering plants
like sunflower, milkweed, and thistle.

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