Taking Stock


My brother said, "Take this stock."

So, I did.

It wasn't a matter of ego or id.


We all want to make the right pick.

Invest in America,

And make it stick. 


So I begged and borrowed,

And invested my last dime.

Couldn't day trade,

Didn't have the time.


To watch the market all day long,

Buying low and selling short,

For a sing or a song.


That starts over,

The very next day,

Slowly eating your life away.


Had a company I was looking for.

The search didn't score,

But found a company most interesting.


That I decided to give it a try

Had little to invest, but spent it all.

At week's end, it was up 50% overall.


Wish I'd hocked the farm and gave it a whirl.

Hindsight is perfect, after you fall.


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull




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