Tail Chasing

It seemed straightforward from the start,
a simple request from my anxious heart.

If I had known the trouble it would become,
I never would have attempted what I'd done.

It came with a message my domain had expired,
so contacted my host to see what was required.

A simple transfer, was all that I asked.
I paid the money, for them to do the task.

I was told to wait 3 to 5 days for the change,
it seemed like an eon in our computer age.

The days went by and nothing transpired,
called them back, authorization was required.

Called the reseller and got an authorization code,
called them back, was now in authorization mode.

Waited and waited, a few more days,
called back anxious, why the delays?

An email had been sent to a defunct mail account,
all I had to do was respond for it to count.

Resetting the password resulted in Catch-22,
finally had to call, to get it to manually come through.

Found many old messages requiring renewal,
and my authorization had expired… damn, you fool.

Called down under to get it straightened out,
told me not to worry, it was nobody's fault.

Called my host and told them to proceed,
when I called back, the key I would need.

Called back down under to get me unlocked,
key and authorization code were now clocked.

Called my host with key in hand,
everything would go as planned.

Days went by and nothing still had transpired,
seems they sent the order to my mail, expired.

I asked them to forward the order to me,
when I finally saw the message, I cried with glee.

Ron's Expired Domain

The rumors that I expired are not true. 
I didn’t get notice and lost my website
and email on November 1. 
Instead of renewing, I opted to move
my domain from Australia to my
website host here.  A comedy of errors
followed with over 10 hours of phone calls,
16 emails, and the site and email are
still down.  May have to just renew.

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