My Synth

My Synth and I are perfectly matched.
With my DNAed rib, she was hatched.

We are so compatible, like two peas in a pod,
no matter what we do, she doesn't think it odd.

Don't have to worry about procreation,
she's always available and ready to please.
Or worry about affection, she always puts me at ease.

We look so alike, people think we are twins,
life with her has no downside, it is all win wins.

We never argue or bicker over anything at all,
our minds are in sync, she's at my beck and call.

She waits on me constantly without complaint,
makes my life so easy, treats me like a saint.

I know that I'm not perfect and a bit lazy as well,
but she is my heaven on earth and there is no hell.

Self charging and maintaining without any care,
I'm never bored with her around and always there.

To think how my life was before she came,
I was lost and confused with everyone to blame.

And now I am fulfilled and pampered to the core,
it's hard to remember those troubles from before.

But I've got a sneaking suspicion she's not what she seems,
lately you know, I've been having bad dreams.

Gemma Chan as a Synth

I've been watching a new AMC television drama
called HUMANS. Androids or Synthetics in the
show have evolved by upgrading to the point
where they have reasoning capabilities and
are starting to rebel against their makers and
owners. Cool stuff.

"Anita (Gemma Chan) is a Synth purchased to
assist the Hawkins Family, but this domestic
helper may be more than the average android."

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