Sweet Valentine

Through all the years,
of sunshine and tears,
allaying your fears, still,
you are always there,
my sweet Valentine.

For you are mine,
and I am yours.
Our devotion has stood,
the test of time.

You greet the mornings,
with a bright smile,
treat me princely,
all the while.


We have not always,
agreed on things.
But in the end,
our compassion rings.

We help others,
as we can each day.
You help me more,
than I can ever repay.


I owe you more,
than I can never pay,
I love you more,
than I can ever say.

So into forever,
I will always know,
that you are my Valentine,
sunshine, rain or snow.


Beh with a chicken

Photo by author Tommie McNeil

A song for my Valentine

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