Swampy Horror

Was cruising down the highway,
listening to a ghoulish song,
when a large rock flew up, hit,
everything went terribly wrong.

Startled by cracked glass,
took a sharp right turn,
hurtled towards the brush,
into a leafy butter churn.

Punched a hole in the greenery,
with a thumpity, thump, bump,
with a loud crack at the end,
van in a downward slump.

Surprised to be alive and unhurt,
foot jammed on the brake,
turned off that awful song,
mind did a double take.

The day was getting old,
and there was no way out.
Damned EZ- Lock jammed,
with a creeping fear of doubt.

No way to know how far wooded in,
turned off the engine to silence again.
Cracked the windows to get some air,
listened for sounds of rescue anywhere.

Twilight settled in and shadows crept deep,
sounds of bird twitters died with their sleep.
Knew that night would have a long run.
Water seeping in only added to the fun.

Dusk turned to darkness profound,
air grew chillier and fog rolled round.
Booming of alligators rose up in the mist,
one was so close,
heard when it hissed.

Spiders crawled silently around in the dark,
could feel them crawling with many eyes to see.
While mosquitoes rose up on a lark,
and supped from blood mercilessly.

Snakes slithered by with a slight ripple,
it was no time to be locked in as a cripple.
An owl kept hooting in the distance,
mind took a path of silent resistance.

Hunger and thirst took its toll,
sleep came uninvited, dreams did roll.
Woke up from one in a terrible fright,
only thing there was the deep dark night.

Cold crept in, a silent killer,
shivered and shook,
but couldn't shake the quiver,
the helpless feeling of awful dread,
the feeling of being,
well over one's head.

Night wore on like horrors unfold,
nightmares and pain came and went,
dawn broke just when thoughts told,
that life and limb were just about spent.

Another long day of lonely thought,
of hunger and thirst of what and what ought.
Of what could have been and what it was,
no escape, no relief from this torturous clause.

The sun went down into another long night,
a night filled with nightmares and constant fright,
living through was not a question anymore,
the Grim Reaper was coming to settle the score.

Into delirium and unconsciousness fear,
the night sounds grew deafening to the ear.
Throat swollen shut and eyes would not tear,
knew that the end was nearer than near.

With the dawn's light bright dew drops appeared,
the Grim Reaper came with a sound so feared.
Chainsaws ripping like in the Texas movie,
blurry thoughts turned to horror of hell's fury.

A quiet voice said, "We're here to get you out."
One must admit, through all that,
still, there was doubt.

Wrecked 2006 Ford Freestar High Tech Lowered Floor Van

Damage to My Van (c) Hoai Nguyen

The video below shows me being trapped in my van
about 40 yards deep in a swampy woods off Interstate
10 near Orange Texas, Tuesday, October 6, 2015.
It was about 15 minutes before firemen came and cut
the underbrush so that my van with me in it could be
winched out by a wrecker.

The man who trained me to drive my electronic driving
system told me that someone with a system like mine in
1998 loss control and drove off the road into a field.
He couldn't get the EZ-Lock that held the wheelchair to
the floor to unlock. When someone found him three days
later, he had died of hypothermia. I often worried about
having the power go out on the van and being unable to
open the doors or windows in the Texas heat. I have a
manual release on the EZ-Lock, but it was useless in the
downward facing position I was in the swamp.

My accident and that poor man's death by exposure
prompted this little Halloween poem.

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