Giant Swallowtail

A giant swallowtail came to visit,
if only for a short, short while.
It's scenes like this that make me glad,
that make me break out in smile.

All yellow and black with fluttering attack,
the giant swallowtail draws its nectar sweet.
After a moment it is off on a new tack,
its flight so erratic and fleet.

She saw an ugly many eyed worm,
in the leaves of the naval orange tree.
Wanted to kill it right then and there,
wanted the fruit tree bug free.

I told her to stop and think for a moment,
about what she was going to do.
By killing all bugs and worms,
much beauty would disappear from view.

Ladybugs are best, for removing pests,
and hardy, bug resistant native plants.
Pesticides are great, but of late,
they are slowly killing us in kind.

Bugs killed out of sight, out of mind.
No more birds, no butterflies to find.

She saw an ugly cocoon on the fence,
wanted to clean it off with her hose.
Wanted her garden perfectly beautiful,
so the neighbors wouldn't turn up their nose.

I told her the cocoon was beauty in disguise,
waiting for metamorphosis to occur.
She asked me what metamorphosis was,
I told her to wait and see for sure.

One morning I saw it happening,
and she came to her surprise,
the ugly worm had turned,
into a giant swallowtail beauty,
right before her eyes!

Giant Swallowtail

Giant Swallowtail

Giant swallowtails have been
visiting my navel orange tree.

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