Surviving History

Remember when Injuns were wild,
and the Cowboys always won.
Nobody wanted to play an Injun,
getting killed wasn't any fun.

Great chiefs were noble philosophers,
and Africans were naked and mean.
East Indians were loyal servants,
and Arabians lived in deserts clean.

Darkies were always so happy,
and sang songs while they worked.
Always helped out their bosses,
even when their bosses were jerks.

Yellow men were inscrutable,
and a bit suspicious to boot.
made great sidekicks in intrigue,
and anything involving loot.

George Washington could do no wrong,
and never, ever told a lie.
Chopped down that cherry tree,
and threw that dollar high.

The Calvary always came to the rescue,
and the Calvary always won.
Except for poor George Custer,
fought until he was the very last one.

We idolized thieves and cutthroats,
like that rowdy Alamo bunch.
And outlaws like Billy the Kid,
who would kill just for lunch.

We called our enemies their right names,
like Gooks, Japs, Jerrys, and the like,
much easier to dehumanize them,
by calling them a Wop or Kike.

That was the world we were told of,
and that's the way most of us perceived.
It's a wonder that we all survived.
What legacy will we leave?

Young George Washington confesss that he cut down the cherry tree

Young George Washington confessing
that he cut down the cherry tree.

It's a miracle that any progress is made
in society when history has been conveniently
altered to make it palatable for young minds
who are told lies from an early age and
indoctrinated into believing myth rather than reality.

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