We are a social lot,
it's programmed in our genes.

From family, town to country,
we are loyal to extremes.

Throughout the animal kingdom,
the weak do not survive.

Strengthening the gene pool,
so that only the best will thrive.

There are many social animals,
but they all have a golden rule.

The weak and misfits are banished,
in a way humans think is cruel.

Since the dawn of civilization,
we have protected human life.

And routinely save the unsaveable,
in the name of what is right.

But overpopulation on a relentless path,
threatens our station and will to last.

Money cannot save the starving,
the diseased, and the weak of heart.

If we don't start downsizing,
our world will come apart.

And we will taste the flesh of men,
before we taste the end again.

And only the scavengers will be left
to make a brand new start.

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