It's quite a ride, this suicide.
One that most, can't abide.

To take one's life, is not a crime.
It doesn't reason, it doesn't rhyme.

To some it makes, a great deal of sense.
To others, it feels like, it's heaven sent.

For those in pain with no way out,
why not? Why have any doubt?

For those that believe in another life,
take the quick road out of strife.

Relieve the world of your painful plight,
save your agony, let your soul take flight.

You are afraid you say, to take the chance?
I think you doubt your own strong stance.

For if you believe in another existence,
you've nothing to fear but your own resistance.

For those that want to take others along,
you are selfish fools, so very wrong.

To kill for pleasure of your own undoing,
is despicable and with no redeeming.

Give others their lives in you're going,
headlines will not make you glowing.

Euthanasia is a quieter, gentler way,
to take suicide seriously on that day.

When all reason for living is finally done,
and one can rest quietly, one last run.

For death comes to all, violent or calm.
For some, suicide can be a welcome balm.

To go quietly into that deep dark night,
without any fear and without any fright.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian with his 'suicide machine' in 1991

Dr. Jack Kevorkian with his 'suicide machine'
in 1991. He died at age 83 in 2011.
AP Photo © Wall Street Journal.

I am not contemplating suicide, although
I believe strongly that euthanasia should
be applied more freely for those that wish
to end their suffering either from serious
illness or old-age infirmity without the
interference of religious or state prohibitions.
As for suicide bombers, I find their
fanaticism despicable.

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