Sue was a mother, wife, and lover,
a unique individual quite like no other.

A friend to many, a helper to all,
we all miss her so, after her fall.

Sue had seen hardship, in her early days,
but managed quite well, in many ways.

A super marketer of office supplies,
she touched many business owners' lives.

Sue recognized good health at an early age,
She dedicated her life to being a health sage.

Her family around her, Sue defied the years,
into a happy retirement of service and cheers.

Life of the party, Sue's laughter could be heard,
and when she spoke, ears perked for every word.

A hostess of grace and with great fineness,
her home was her palace decorated the best.

Sue loved the outdoors and taking long walks,
now she's walking forever in her friends' talks.

Though Sue is no longer with us, she's with us still,
we can still hear her footsteps, over the hill.

Sue and Rooger Hull in 2011

Sue and Roger at our high
school reunion in 2011

Carole Sue Hull, my twin brother,
Roger's wife, died suddenly from
a skull fracture in a fall on stairs
leading to their Key Largo rental
where they were wintering the
evening of March 25, 2014.

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