I do believe [wrongly] it was P.T. Barnum that said,
"There's a sucker born every minute, [you cad]."
So every mother's son is cashing in on the fad,
creating new scams so we can get had.

Madison Avenue has got your number,
having you buy up with no value under.
Suckering you in for another stupid blunder,
just so their profit margin gets the plunder.

Social networks are now all the rage,
you have to get "liked" on every page.
Spend all your time maintaining your image,
until you have no time left to actually engage.

The rich get richer with patriotic zeal,
claim that they create jobs with their silent steal.
While wage slaves work for scarcely a meal,
with the fear of being fired if they appeal.

Clean and safe water is paid for and should be free,
but companies reject that for water by a fee.
So many believe there is something you can't see,
they pay through the nose to designers' wannabe.

Banks make us offers we can't refuse,
0% interest to light our, too short, fuse.
When we can't pay the minimum we use,
they laugh at our stupidity and start to abuse.

So many believe the apocalypse is near,
so-called researchers readily get their ear.
Buying into all that fantasy and fear,
until hysteria spreads from peer-to-peer.

Fans will do anything to get close to fame,
spend their last dollar to live the reality shame..
Until the idolized get tired of their harassing game,
and sue them for being the cause of the blame.

Phishing is now famous for catching more than a few,
but they are getting better and coming straight through.
So if you think you can't be suckered into their view,
well, I've got a big surprise, just waiting for you.

I could come up with a million more,
like you winning the lottery in a big score.
But I'm getting tired of beating the bore,
so if your suckered, don't get sore.

Get even.

P.T. Barnum

It seems like old P.T. Barnum was right,
even though he didn't say it, there are
more ways than ever and more people
than ever getting scammed on what they
think are sure deals. Remember, if that
seems to be too good to be true, it probably
isn't. And if some authority is after you,
they probably aren't. You have to keep
pretty sharp to avoid these tricksters.
But, if you smell a rat, it probably is a rat.


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